The Glass House Experiment: Musings on Faith, Freedom, Culture, Curiosity & Truth by Javetta Allen

Write. Just write. 

The words came to me as clearly as one would see through a glass house. 

I have contemplated re-starting this public writing journey for a long time. Many of you here may remember my old blogs (heeeeey y'all) and have asked when I would start writing again. The truth is that I never stopped. I just stopped writing publicly. 

I found myself spinning out of control under the pressures of life and the weight of expectations--some of which I placed on myself and some of which others placed on me. I had to start over, literally and figuratively. The process was painful in so many ways, but when I re-emerged, I realized something that I never had before:

I live in a glass house, and there is nothing I can do about it.

My life is open in so many ways, whether I want it to be or not. This is weird for me because I am such an introvert with extrovert demands on her life.  But somehow in the intricacies of my design, God encoded this peculiar conflict of interest and called me to people. I love nothing more than to retreat into my sacred space alone, but I can't. There is a greater purpose for my life. So, here I this glass house.

This blog is not an intricate look into my life. It's more of an introspective look at my musings on faith, freedom, culture, curiosity, and truth as they play themselves out through my life. As much as I would love it if the world was black and white, I've lived just long enough to know that it is not. I have been damaged by some of the theories were ingrained in me as truth as I emerged in my newfound independence of thought that is still very much dependent on my faith. Some things are solid for me while others are not and require some working through. And I will do it here. With you. 

Some musings will be current. Some will come from the vault. Some of it will be poetry. Some of it will be prose. Some of it will inspire. Some of it will be of no effect. 

But all of it will be authentic.

So welcome to the Glass House Experiment, a sacred space, a judgement-free zone, a place of discovery and life. 

Please don't throw stones.